Development Liaison and Expedited Permitting – Provides express servicing/processing of development permits to encourage the location, expansion or redevelopment of properties within the US 17-92 Redevelopment Area.

Facility Location Program – Provides a mechanism for assisting in the recruitment of businesses to the 17-92 CRA and includes GIS maps and information, a list of market-ready sites, link to other programs (federal, state and local) associated with economic development, and a liaison with the area’s real estate professionals and local chambers of commerce.


Public Spaces and Streetscape Improvement Program – Provides financial support and assistance to redevelopment projects that enhance the public spaces and lands within the US 17-92 Redevelopment Area through improvements including pedestrian amenities, mast arm signal conversions, street amenities such as lighting and benches, intersection improvements, public parks and open spaces enhancements.


Redevelopment Partnership Program – Provides partnership opportunities with private development interests to transform under-performing properties within the US 17-92

Redevelopment Area into successful, value added business locations through improvements including but not limited to property aggregation and assimilation, design and construction of common/shared infrastructure, enhanced site design, expedited review and permitting, and development and/or impact fee reductions and deferrals.


Existing Small Business Support Program – Provides the small business community with technical business assistance, financing assistance, and training support through the Small Business Development Center in partnership with Seminole Community College and serves as a bridge to other economic development programs offered at the state and federal levels.


Small Business Property Improvement Program – Provides opportunities for fiscal assistance with redevelopment projects within the redevelopment area. Targeted improvements include building and façade enhancements, signage enhancements, landscaping and green space improvements and other site improvements that result in enhanced property values.