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The US 17-92 CRA program is guided by a series of redevelopment plans specific to each area of the corridor contains goals and objectives related to land use planning, infrastructure and services, land development regulations, economic development, housing and aesthetic design. Each year, an annual activity plan containing a list of projects consistent with the goals and objectives of the US 17 -92 Corridor Redevelopment Plan, is prepared by the US 17-92 RPA and forwarded to the US 17-92 CRA for final approval and funding authorization.





Finding of Necessity


The US 17-92 Finding of Necessity report provides a summary assessment of the US 17-92 corridor in terms of the evidence of blight and need for redevelopment. The report relies upon a variety of empirical observations of all the parcels within the US 17-92 study area in determining the existence of blighted conditions as defined by Chapter 162 of the Florida Statutes. The report was adopted by Seminole County in June 1997.