• Established in 1997
  • Extended in 2007
  • Will expire in 2017
  • Runs County line to county line excluding Longwood
  • Funded through tax increment financing
  • Is guided by a series of Redevelopment plans specific to each area of the corridor
  • Overseen by the Redevelopment Planning Agency
  • Uses public funds leveraged with private funds to create new projects or rehabilitate existing ones
  • Does not require the creation of additional taxes or fees
  • Helps reduce developer's project costs so net cash flow can provide a reasonable return on the developer's investment and adequate security to obtain necessary financing
  • Eliminates blight caused by abandoned or unsafe buildings, substandard or obsolete buildings, code violations, insufficient parking, irregular-shaped and empty parcels, incompatible adjacent uses and vandalism.
  • Increases property values while enhancing city image and appearance
  • Creates a more viable economy with better job opportunities and social climate, and wider range of goods/services
  • Increases willingness of investors to participate in further community (re)development
  • Creation Documents: -
    Multiparty Interlocal Establishing RPA
    Ordinance 97-54
    Ordinance 97-55 Establishment of the 17-92 CRA Redevelopment Trust Fund